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Calyco are mining and related industry suppliers of Wear Protection, Mining Machinery, Drilling and Blasting, Engineering Plastics, Consumable Products and other Mining Safety Equipment.

Our mining and related industry supply company is represented in 3 states, with manufacturing in Perth, Western Australia. Calyco has a representative based in Melbourne, Victoria and have recently opened a branch in Queensland that will manufacture and supply to the East Coast of Australia.

Our core business is product development, sourcing, manufacturing and supply direct to mine sites. Simply provide us with your drawings, our engineering and draughts people will develop/draw up specifications for manufacturing and supply. We’ll oversee your requirement from concept to completion taking away the worry and concern if going it alone.

Local manufacturing provides fast turn around, low lead/shipping times for our mining industry clients. This gives our customers the flexibility for forward planning, helping to reduce inventory costs whilst freeing up cash flow.

Mining Wear Protection

wear-protection tile-adhesivewear-protection-miningmining-wear-protection ceramic-tile-adhesive

Mining Wear Protection Products and Supplies include Ceramic Block, Epoxy, Polyurethane and Wear Plate Products. Calyco lightweight wear plates (alternatives to metallic plates) assist to overcome OH&S issues with manual handling. A superior wear product you can be assured that our mining wear plates will assist to minimise maintenance downtimes at your mine site as they provide longer wearing, improved cost effectiveness all whilst reducing Safety Hazards. Calyco’s Range of Tuff Stuff Epoxy wear protection grouts and Ceramic Tile Adhesives compliment the range of mining wear protection supplies. Our epoxy anti-abrasives are free of all corrosives and are manufactured with highest quality products. All our epoxy wear protection products are rated as Non Dangerous goods, are not regulated for transport and can be used in underground applications. We also supply the Alumina Ceramic Tiles in all standard sizes for weldable and non weldable applications.

Mining Machinery Equipment

machinery-electric-motor motor-gearbox-popesoft-starters-equipmentmining-machinery-equipment mining-machinery-electric-motor

Mining Equipment and Machinery Supplies include Electric Motors, Angle Sensors, Encoders and Gearboxes. We supply and maintain Electric Motors and gearboxes from all branded manufacturers such as Toshiba, CMG, Fasco, POPE, David Brown, Morely Motors, Radicon, Fenner just to name a few. All our Parts, Replacements, and repairs to Gearboxes and electric motors cover full warranties. So if your looking for an alternative supplier to Gear Boxes, Electric Motors, Angle Sensors, Encoders or would like us to quote on your original OEM. Then Calyco is the company to contact!

Mine Drilling and Blasting Equipment

drilling-tricone-equipment drill-bit-equipment-miningmining-drill-bitdrilling-blasting mining-drilling-equipment

Drilling and Blasting Mining Equipment Supplies include Gas Bag, Delfector Sheet, Deflector Cone Housing, Dust Skirting, Rod Wiper, Drill Hole Saver, Rod Wiper Housing and Drill Bits. We offer a comprehensive range of products to drilling and blasting, our gas bags for stemming are of the highest quality and perform every time.
Looking for Tricone drill bits. As a mining equipment supplier to the Drill & Blast sector, we offer all related drill bits for all mining applications as well, our accessories such as Rod Wiper, Rod Wiper housings, Dipping Weights, Drill hole savers can all be manufactured to your specification or supplied off the shelf.

Mining and related Engineering Industry Plastics

engineering-plastics-mining plastic-wear-protectionplastics-equipment-miningmining-engineering-plastics.

Suppliers of Engineering Plastics our product range includes High Density Polyetherlene, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyetherlene (UHMWPE), Polypropylene, Nylon, Acetel Delron, PTFE, PVC, Polycarbinate, Acrylic, Bakelite SRBS and other plastic and related moulding and casting products. Our Engineering plastics are available in all sizes of sheet and rod or manufactured parts to your specification. Whether its Ultra High Density Polyetherlene sheeting for Wear Liners, Scraper Blades or specifically machined bushes from Nylon, contact us for a competitive price.

Mining Consumables and Mine Safety Products

mine-consumables-safety tiles-alumina-ceramicprotection-wear-coatings

Consumables, Mining Safety Signs and Mine Safety Equipment complement the range of products and equipment our company can source, manufacture and supply. Signage, mobile or permanently fixed. Our safety signage can be mine site specific, area specific signage. Any size any shape any quantity for all your safety signage, Calyco can help. We also specialise in manufactured made to fit safety machinery guards for all your mining equipment requirements we can supply a manufactured safety guard from our range of engineering plastics.

Green Environmentally

Our Company is taking a leadership position in the area of environmental protection at mines and has worked hard to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Calyco have introduced environmentally friendly policies to significantly lower GWP. Our urethane elastomers are cold cast-able (this limits the use of heated facilities which significantly reduces energy usage). We have also reduced the use of hydrocarbon propellant in our release agent compounds. Our wear plates/compounds are designed with the intent of 98% of the product can be used as back fill.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our position on Occupational Health and Safety within our working environment has been adopted also in the products that we supply to our customers.
We aim to remove potential issues immediately in the workplace and always look forward in the development of products and future technologies we supply. Most of our mining and related products supplied have either no or low VOC and are Solvent and Carcinogen free.

Specification on Products and Equipment Supplies such as Technical Data and Material Safety Sheets can be supplied for most Wear Protection, Mining Machinery, Drilling and Blasting, Engineering Plastics, Consumable Products and other Mining Safety Equipment.

Over the last five years our business has been primarily focused on Wear Protection. We manufacture and supply through distribution, Epoxy anti-abrasives, Ceramic/Polyurethane wear plates and other made to order PU parts.

Calyco is justifiably proud of our record for professional service and encourage you to consider buying your mining and equipment products from us!

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